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Hey There!

I’m Michelle – 

Business Strategist, Wife, Fur Mama, Mimi & Beach Bum

You have the right to reclaim your dreams!

I understand the journey of entrepreneurship can be a solitary one. As a first-generation entrepreneur, I’m passionate about ensuring no one has to navigate the complexities of building a business alone. You deserve to have a companion on this journey, someone to guide you through the twists, turns, and ups and downs, helping you take strategic actions.

Life is too short not to be lived and loved fully.

My journey began with a profound realization after losing a dear friend to lymphoma. In 2014, my husband and I made a bold move, leaving behind snowy Syracuse, NY, to embrace “Living” retirement (not waiting for it) on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Weekends are now spent golfing and soaking up vitamin D. This life-changing decision fueled my entrepreneurial spirit, leading me to officially become a full-time Business Strategy Consultant in 2018.

Successful transformation

With over a decade in the corporate arena and another decade “behind the chair” as a stylist, my expertise lies in strategic planning, relationship marketing, power partnerships, business growth, development, sales, marketing, productivity, and accounting. My true passion lies in coaching others through successful transformation, helping them identify objectives, attain goals, and self-manage for sustained success.

Beyond Michelle DeNio Consulting

Outside the business realm, I’m a wife, furbaby mama, and Mimi to six wonderful little humans. When not working with clients, catch me on the beach, hosting epic game nights or happy hours, being an agility mama to Piper, or baking and doing crafts with our little ones.

I’m excited about the opportunity to work with you, turning your BIG dreams into reality! 

Let's make it happen together.

1:1 Strategic
Focus Intensives

Our 1:1 Strategic Focus Intensives are perfect for growth-stage business owners seeking specialized support in areas like marketing, sales, or action planning. They’re designed for those who need accountability and require expert guidance to further their business success.

Focused Visionary
Strategic Planning Program

This is for the Growth to Scaling Stage Business Owner, ready to implement a long-term annual strategic plan. Ideal for those who have data available and need help organizing it. Suited for business owners with many ideas, but who are now seeking a strategic, focused plan to execute effectively.


This opportunity is open to all business owners, but it’s ideally suited for those in the growth stage looking to expand their network. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs aiming to deepen business relationships and maximize their networking efforts for increasing clients and collaborations.

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