Do You Want to

Be Surrounded by like-minded professionals, inspiring one another to grow and learn?

Then Accelerated Business Alliance Mastermind is perfect for you!

Join a weekly gathering of other business owners with the intention to learn from one another, help each other grow, pass referrals and hold each other accountable. The mastermind group is built and vetted by me, ensuring that each group participant has a similar audience, goals, visions and is in a similar stage of their business as the other group members.

There are many benefits of the mastermind group like:


Get new clients that are aligned with your vision.


Kiss entrepreneurial loneliness goodbye and enjoy having like-minded business besties that you connect with and grow with every week.



Get extra support to hit your goals and action items while being cheered on along the way.


Learn from the other group members to scale your business.

Michelle is a fabulous strategy coach, I connected with her via LinkedIn and since then have networked via a coffee chat and joined her mastermind group with other entrepreneurs. We meet once a week and it’s a great space to share ideas, issues and support each other.
I can highly recommend working with Michelle.
Mills Gray

Leadership Coach

The Mastermind Includes:

Weekly meeting at the same time every week, 60 minutes in length.

Max of 5-6 people per group so it doesn’t get crazy overwhelming and all members who have a similar target audience, in the same similar place in business and have similar goals. Michelle will personally interview and vet each member.

Meeting starts with weekly check-in of each member. How did your week go, what did you get done, what went well, what didn’t etc. (approx 15 min)
One member on a hot seat per week. The hot seat can be predetermined or usually we leave it open to whoever has a topic, issue or something they would like help with. That person shares what they have going on and what they would like feedback/help on or just open topic of discussion
Each of the other members gets to give their feedback, expertise, experience etc – open conversation. (20 min)
Wrap up – what everyone is working on for week ahead, referrals/intros, asks – top of mind awareness – things you want the other members to listen for (15 min)Each mastermind group has members that

This Mastermind focuses on supporting and accelerating business growth through collaboration, shared expertise, and strong relationships.

Next Group Opening Spring/Summer 2021