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Have you niched yourself too far?

In this episode of the “The Real Truth about Business Podcast,” Michelle DeNio delves into the pitfalls of narrowing your niche too much and the value of educating your audience about your full range of services. Discover the power of being a specialist with diverse skills and the impact it can have on your business success. Tune in for invaluable insights on effective positioning and client communication.

The Growth Stage is the Best Stage

In this episode, I want to chat with you about the growth stage of entrepreneurship and emphasizes the importance of recognizing and celebrating this stage. We talk about the difference between growth and scaling and encourages business owners to focus on sustainable growth rather than rushing to scale. I also believe that the growth stage […]

Finding joy and having fun with content creation and storytelling with Guest Matthew Allyn

In this episode, Michelle interviews Matt Allyn, a content creator and storytelling expert. They discuss the overwhelming nature of the content game and how to find a content strategy that resonates with you. Matt shares his journey from engineering to content creation and emphasizes the importance of authenticity in connecting with your audience. They also […]

Striking the balance between stretch and attainable goals

In this episode, we are chatting about the problem with stretch goals and why I’m not a fan of them. She emphasizes the importance of setting attainable goals that are relevant to one’s business and resources. Michelle highlights the discouragement that comes from setting unrealistic goals and encourages celebrating milestones along the way. She also […]

The year of LESS to achieve MORE

In this episode, I wanted to be open and honest and share my vision for 2024 and the importance of doing less to accomplish more. To emphasize the need to focus on what truly matters and to say no to obligations that don’t align with one’s goals. In this episode we will be discussing my […]

2023 Wrap up – 5 random thoughts and strategies to end the year well

Summary In this episode, Michelle reflects on the year and shares a mishmash of topics. She expresses gratitude for her listeners and invites feedback for the podcast. Michelle emphasizes the importance of normalizing communication in sales and encourages people to let others know when they are no longer interested. She reminds listeners that they are […]