Don’t waste another minute staring at your empty schedule, wondering how you’ll “make it” as a successful entrepreneur


Learn to uplevel your offers, Attract your dream clients like crazy and Celebrate your FULLY BOOKED pipeline month after month

You’re ready to give up.

  • You’re barely paying the bills. You spend hours strategically planning your budget and decide to keep adding more clients to make enough and get ahead. 
  • You say yes to another not-so-dreamy client because that’s your only option. Except, you’re stuck at the same income level because you’
  • You’re constantly under attack by imposter syndrome courtesy of cheap clients who are never happy with your work.

Plus, it seems like everyone’s an entrepreneur in your niche so it feels impossible to cut through the noise… impossible to customize your offers and your business so YOU stand out. 

One minute you feel like you’ve got this, and the next, you’re convinced you’re a total failure. The emotional rollercoaster has you feeling completely exhausted and defeated.

But it’s not you. It’s your offers. 

  • You need to learn how to present offers that your dream clients are ACTUALLY searching for, that completely align with the services you love, so you can close sales with ease and confidence, and stop stressing over your empty pipeline forever.

After years of being in business for myself, I followed the R.O.U.T.E and am FULLY BOOKED!

Your 5 Step R.O.U.T.E to Fully Booked is the proven framework I developed to help you create VALUE-based packages and stop trading time for dollars in a race to the bottom! You’ll learn how to position yourself as THE go-to expert in your niche to attract your dream clients and close more sales with ease.

Hey, I’m Michelle, and I want to help you define what Fully Booked means to YOU. I believe we each have our own definition and your R.O.U.T.E to get there should be as unique as you are.


It’s your turn to be FULLY BOOKED, reach that next revenue goal and do it in a way that is 100% aligned with you and your values, guided by a structure you can use over and over again. 


Destination: Fully Booked and Beyond dives deep into the 5-step R.O.U.T.E framework to create offers so irresistible to your dream clients, it’s impossible for them to say no. 

You’ll go beyond simply understanding the framework, dig into the steps, and apply it to real life. YOUR real life.

“Here’s the thing; you could go to any business coach and get help packaging up your offers.

But when you need to show up differently than all your competitors, you need to THINK differently.

Michelle took my entire mindset and flipped it so I saw package creation from a completely new perspective and I had a total “lightbulb” moment when I realized how to position myself the right way. My confidence in myself and my business has never been higher, and I can’t wait to start promoting my new packages!” 

Elle R.

Walk away with your dream packages READY to market to your dream clients!

Destination: Fully Booked and Beyond takes you BEYOND understanding the steps of package creation and helps you do the work that will rocket you to your next revenue goal.

6-Week Program helps you create packages out of the services you love most and gets you fully prepared to market and promote them them CONFIDENCE and EXCITEMENT which will help you to close sales with ease (you won’t even feel like you are selling!).

Weekly Live Training gives you access to your expert business strategist, Michelle, for a complete walk-through of each step and the tactics behind them while answering your questions live and in the moment.

PDF Worksheets to guide you along this R.O.U.T.E. and get you to take action each week so you leave with your offers packaged to position you as THE expert in your niche.

Personalized Feedback keeps you on the right track and shows you where you need to make changes to create the most compelling offers possible (no more staring at a blank screen feeling stuck and paralyzed!).

Live Q&A & Co-Working allows for absolute clarity of the process and every step you need to take. This is YOUR time to get absolutely clear on what you need to do to uplevel those offers, and get feedback from others in the group (who are likely your dream clients). 

Exclusive Facebook Group Access gives you the chance to continue the conversation beyond your training time, share your wins, ask questions of others in the group and CONNECT with other amazing entrepreneurs all on their R.O.U.T.E. to Fully Booked.

Small Group Setting (10-15 participants max) creates an intimate learning environment. Plus, co-working time with other professionals across different industries can help unlock your thought process and brainstorming powers.

Hot Seat Coaching lets you have an opportunity to get more help, learn from others and apply what you learn to your own package creation.

Each week will cover a different stop on the

R.O.U.T.E framework

Ask the right questions, devise your strategy, and arrive at your Destination: Fully Booked and Beyond!

Week 1

Reflect: Reflect on what you love and set goals to hit the next level.

Start with some serious reflection — which services do you love providing? What do you never want to offer again? Get clarity to set your BIG goals and do more of what you love.

Week 2

Organize: Analyze and organize where you spend your time. 

Stop dedicating every waking minute to an endless stream of low-paying clients that will never help you reach your revenue goals. Learn to create alignment between where your time goes and where you want it to go and establish YOUR ideal schedule.

Week 3

Uplevel: Create the packages you love. 

This step flips your mindset from being all about who you serve to the exclusion of what you want, so you can reach your goals by offering all of the services you love and none of the ones you don’t.

Week 4

Target market: Who is your dreamy, ideal client? 

How deeply do you really know your dream client? Get beyond the demographics and figure out who your ideal clients really are and why they represent the dream for you.

Week 5

Execute: Put your packages into action!

Learn what you need to do to implement your offers, market them, sell them, and then analyze and adjust so you’re always growing, and always aiming for bigger and better goals.

Week 6

Live-Coaching Wrap Up: Final review, questions, and next steps.

This is your chance for hot seat coaching, any final questions you have for Michelle, and an opportunity to review the packages you just spent the last 5 weeks creating.

You could dedicate a one-on-one VIP day to receive the same training with Michelle for $3600.

The 6-week group program Destination: Fully Booked and Beyond is a fraction of that at $1497. 

And, as a thank you for being a founding member, you’ll save $300 off the regular price by signing up for the October 11th launch for only $1197!



Because I believe in providing as much value as possible, I want you to have all these extras, too:

  • Financial Goals Calculator ($97 Value)

This plug-and-play spreadsheet helps you work backwards from your annual financial goals, stop guessing at pricing and set your investment points for your packages confidently.

  • Promotional Calendar Masterclass ($97 Value) 

Released during Week 5, this masterclass is designed to walk you through exactly how to plan for promotions so you can market your offers with ease and expertise. 

  • DM Masterclass WITH the Scripts ($97 Value) 

Learn how to approach prospects on social media without being spammy so you don’t get ignored or told off. Plus, get access to the exact scripts I use to create genuine connections online. 

  • And FREE Access to my Biz Planning for More Year-End 5 day Program ($197 Value) 

This live, done-with-you program doesn’t even launch until December 6. But you’ll get guaranteed, first-dibs access, absolutely free as a member of Destination: Fully Booked and Beyond!

After the founding program launches on October 11th the doors to Destination: Fully Booked and Beyond will close. 

When the program reopens (and it definitely won’t open again in 2021)… the price will go up.

Once you learn this framework, you have it for every stage of business growth.


You can use it over and over again to create as many different packages as you want and even change your market, messaging and pricing as you and your brand grow.

This program will be there to refer back to as many times as you need over the lifetime of your business, and it’ll never be available at the founding launch price again. 

Starting October 11th Destination: Fully Booked and Beyond will launch with 6 weekly live training sessions. 

You’ll receive a welcome email with immediate access to a private Facebook group and instructions leading up to launch day. 

Besides all the perks of the 6-week program, you get lifetime access to recordings of all the weekly coaching calls!


Create offers that attract your dream clients and align with YOU!


“But what about…”


When will the live training sessions take place?

The last thing I want is for an arbitrary day of the week to be the barrier to up-levelling offers that get you to your next big revenue goal. Live training will be determined by group availability. 


What if I can’t attend one of the live sessions?

You’re running a business, and life happens. You’ll have the opportunity to submit questions before each session and with lifetime access to every recording, if you miss a live training session (or need to re-watch), you can go back anytime and catch up. 


Is this program right for me?

If you’re a solopreneur or freelancer spending way too much time creating custom proposals after every discovery call, attracting all the wrong clients, undervalung your services, and worrying about how to fill your schedule, then this program is right for you. 

If you’re looking for a magic-bullet cure and you’re not ready to put in the work to reach your goals, make great things happen, and change your life—you’re in the wrong place. 


Can I really use this program in the future?

Once you learn this framework, it’s there for you to keep using, infinitely. You’ll have the tools, the package structure, the R.O.U.T.E, the financial goals calculator, all the worksheets, and lifetime access to all the training!


I don’t like group coaching programs. Is there another option?

Despite the benefits of group coaching, not everyone is suited to learning in this setting. If you’d prefer to book a one-to-one VIP day, you could power through all this training with my undivided attention in 8 hours and start marketing your packages the next day!

It’s time to stop wishing for a schedule full of dreamy, high-paying clients and make it a reality!