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Focused Visionary

Strategic Planning Mastermind

Are you a successful, motivated, and passion-driven business owner ready to break free from the chaotic "spaghetti-throwing" strategy?

It’s time to streamline your sales game, boost your revenue, and increase your profits while saying goodbye to scattered thinking!

Your growing business demands a bulletproof plan, not endless circling. As your business soars to new heights, having a solid strategic plan isn’t just important; it’s your secret sauce for profitable growth. No more endless circles – it’s time for forward momentum, all mapped out and ready to roll.

It’s time to dump the “be everywhere, talk to everyone” mantra. It’s a new era; your sales strategy should be too. It’s time to pinpoint where your precious time (and energy!) belongs and what’s just time-wasting fluff.

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The Hidden Treasure of Data

The answers you seek aren’t in plain sight – they’re in the data you’re neglecting! Your business is a goldmine of information for supercharging growth. But where’s the data hiding, how do you extract it, and what’s your action plan once you have it?

You’re charged with the excitement of your 2024 growth ambitions, buzzing with innovative ideas. Yet, reality often throws unexpected challenges your way, or unforeseen opportunities disrupt your carefully crafted plans. What you require is a constant source of motivation throughout the entire year, not just during the initial burst of “New Year – New You” enthusiasm!

Stay on Course with Monthly Support

The annual program is your lifeline, ensuring you navigate growth no matter what life or business tosses your way.  You’ll be surrounded with unyielding support to navigate growth, new opportunities, and new ideas without drowning in analysis paralysis. It’s not just a program; it’s your all-inclusive ticket to business and sales mastery in 2024. Imagine strategic planning, data wizardry, accountability that fuels action, a vibrant community, and loads of FUN – all bundled into one high-touch mastermind experience.

The Focused Visionary Mastermind - Your Key to 2024 Success

Focus Visionary Mastermind

What Does the Mastermind Include?

Quarterly Strategic Reset

This is the first step.  From April 1st-5th, we will meet for an hour each day (1 – 2 pm EST) to reflect, cast your vision, and map out your roadmap for the remainder of the year ahead. 

Whether you had a plan that has gotten derailed or hit the ground running without a plan, this 5 day reset will be sure to get you back on track.  

Worksheets, Trackers, and Gamification

Stay engaged and motivated with optional gamification elements. The program will include interactive dashboards and trackers so you can see EXACTLY how your business is doing and if you are up for it enjoy some friendly competition.


Plan-to-Action Sessions

The core foundation of the program. We will meet every other month to put together your upcoming 60-day strategy. These interactive co-working sessions will be your opportunity to not just TALK about your plan but take your plan from the drawing board to reality.


Monthly Mastermind Mindshare

Monthly group mastermind to tap into the collective wisdom of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Share, learn, and grow together.


Mentoring Hour with Michelle

Every month, Michelle will do a Live Q&A. The questions can be related to your strategic plan or just business in general.  New offers, pricing, positioning – No question is off-limits! 


Money Mondays Co-Working

Every Monday from 12-1 pm EST, join the Money Mondays Co Working.  A dedicated HOUR to take focused action on your MONEY MAKING activities for the week! 


Custom Framework

We’ve fine-tuned this program (6 years running now!) to provide the support and structure you need to achieve your business goals without falling into the trap of shiny object syndrome.

Your Investment Options:

5 Day Strategic Reset:
1 payment of $197

Focused Visionary Group Coaching Mastermind:
$300 per Month
(Minimum 4 month commitment)

(Yes, I know it’s a steal, I know I could charge more, I don’t WANT to.  Period.  End of Story.)

Next Mastermind Group Starts May 1st, 2024


Frequently Asked Questions

Any additional questions? We are here to answer...

The 5 Day Reset teaches you the framework and helps you to build the plan ONLY. 

The Mastermind takes it to the next level and helps you IMPLEMENT the plan, analyze the data, hold you accountable and includes group coaching and masterminding.

Yes!  Absolutely.  If you are unsure about the commitment, you can start with the 5 Day reset and then join the mastermind at the end of the 5 days.  Your $197 will be applied to your first mastermind payment.

This is a GREAT fit!  Although you may not have a lot of data to reflect on, this will give you the framework you need to set your business up profitably and sustainably from the start. 

The mentoring hour, mastermind, Plan to action sessions and co working will be the same day/time every month.  Time will vary based on group availability but typically between 11-2 EST to accomodate as many time zones as possible. 

Yes, all calls will be recorded and replays will be uploaded to Google Drive for participants.