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Attracting the Right Clients: Marketing and Sales Tips for Coaches (Focused Action Live Coaching: Marie Romero)

In today’s coaching session, I am joined by Marie Romero, the CEO and founder of Creating Greatness. We dive deep into marketing strategies, client acquisition, and how to elevate yourself from the freebie zone to a paid zone in the business world.

Actionable Points for Listeners:

Evaluate Your Free vs. Paid Offerings: Set clear boundaries on what value you provide for free. Transition to a paid model when deeper, customized help is necessary.

Run a Free Masterclass: Choose a key module from your program and offer it as a free masterclass. Use this to showcase the value of your paid offerings.

Utilize Social Proof: Collect testimonials and feedback from your free sessions to use as marketing material for your paid programs.

Shift Your Sales Messaging: Focus on demonstrating how your program provides tailored, actionable strategies rather than convincing potential clients of the general value of coaching.

Nurture Your Network: Keep in touch with contacts and freebie seekers. Continue to provide value and stay top-of-mind for when they are ready to invest.

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