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Simplifying Your Sales Process: Attract, Nurture, Close, and Build Lasting Relationships

In this episode of “The Real Truth about Business,” we dive into the often-dreaded topic of sales processes. Host Michelle DeNio provides insights and tips on building a unique sales process tailored to your business and style, emphasizing the importance of confidence and relationship building in the sales journey.

Key Points

  • Understanding your business and unique value proposition
  • Understanding the client’s buying process and needs
  • Identifying your selling style and matching it to your ideal client’s buying style
  • Importance of relationship building and effective communication
  • Mapping out the steps in the sales process: attract, build relationship, nurture, present offers, close, ask for feedback
  • The significance of customizing the sales process to fit your business and buyer behavior
  • Owning the sales process, building confidence, and reframing the perspective of sales as a service

Action Steps

  1. Review your business’s unique value proposition and understand your client’s buying process.
  2. Identify your selling style and align it with your ideal clients’ buying behaviors.
  3. Map out the steps in your sales process, customize the process to fit your business and buyer behavior.
  4. Build confidence and own the sales process.


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