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Business Through the Summer: Planning Tips and Strategies

In today’s episode, we’re diving deep into planning for summer—how to handle the season, whether you’re ramping up or winding down. As summer approaches, it’s crucial to strategize effectively to make the most of these warmer months, regardless of your business pace.

Key Talking Points:

  • Summer Business Myths: Debunking the myth that summer has to be slow and discussing how you can define your summer pace.
  • Planning Ahead: Importance of planning early for summer, especially if you intend to take time off.
  • Recurring Revenue and Client Management: Strategies for managing cash flow and client engagements during the summer months.
  • Business Cycles: Understanding your business seasonality and planning marketing and business activities that align with your busiest or slowest seasons.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Work: Using potential downtime to strategize for the upcoming busy periods like Q4 or even the next year.

Actionable Points:

  • Define Your Summer: Decide if you want a busy summer or a relaxed one, and plan accordingly
  • Financial Planning: If taking time off, ensure you have a strategy for maintaining income through passive means or by front-loading work.
  • Schedule Adjustments: Review and adjust your work schedule to accommodate changes like no school drop-offs which might free up some time.
  • Preparation for Post-Summer: Plan for getting back into full swing after summer ensuring you aren’t playing catch-up come September.
  • Utilize Slow Periods: If expecting a slower season, use it to get ahead on content creation, client outreaching, or administrative tasks.

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