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Collaborating with Confidence (Focused Action Coaching: Jade Fulton)

In today’s episode we’re diving deep into live coaching with the amazing LinkedIn strategist, Jade Fulton. In this action-packed coaching session, Jade and I cover proposals for collaboration opportunities, protecting your time and intellectual property, setting boundaries, and effective client onboarding.

Action Points:

  • Time and Energy Assessment: Evaluate the time and energy you’d need to invest in any collaborative program.
  • Proposal Crafting: Ensure your proposals include boundaries, your involvement, intellectual property rights, and pricing.
  • Structuring Support: Implement office hours or set Q&A times to handle client questions effectively.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: Ensure you retain ownership of your content and detail how it can be used after a collaboration ends.
  • Scaling Intelligently: If successful, consider creating group programs to manage increased client loads better.
  • Clear Contract Terms: Put clear terms in your contract, including duration and rights to your material.

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