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Content Strategy for Inbound Leads (Focused Action Coaching: Lori Stanley)

In today’s Focused Action Coaching Episode, we are talking with Lori Stanley from Lori Stanley Nonprofit Consulting based in Canada. Lori found Michelle through a viral LinkedIn post and has since followed the podcast and joined her email list. In this episode, we delve into Lori’s challenges with lead generation for her consulting firm, specifically focusing on improving her content strategy on LinkedIn and fostering better inbound leads.

Key Takeaways:

  • Background and Introduction: Lori found Michelle through a viral LinkedIn post and started following the podcast.
  • Lori’s Consulting Focus: Lori specializes in strategy and strategic planning for nonprofits.
  • Challenges with RFPs: The time-consuming nature of RFPs and the impersonal feel.
  • Content Strategy on LinkedIn: Michelle discusses how Lori’s content may be too high-level and broad. Need to focus on immediate pain points and actionable advice.
  • Personal Touch in Content: Emphasize personal stories and connections. Be more relatable in posts to foster genuine relationships.
  • Using DMs for Engagement: Importance of using DMs to continue conversations and stay top-of-mind. Tips for non-salesy, authentic outreach.
  • Hosting Masterclasses or Virtual Coffees: Offer small workshops to give potential clients a taste of Lori’s consulting style. Virtual coffees as a way to connect and build relationships.
  • Feedback on “Try Before You Buy” Terminology: Avoiding language that implies a sales pitch immediately.

Action Steps

  • Content Adjustment: Shift from broad, high-level posts to those addressing specific, immediate pain points. Incorporate personal stories and experiences to make content more relatable.
  • Engage Through DMs: Use DMs to continue conversations started through content interaction. Offer value and ask for permission before sharing resources.
  • Offer Interactive Opportunities: Host masterclasses or virtual coffees to provide value and connect on a personal level. Utilize existing content from webinars and podcasts to create new engagement opportunities.

Connect with Lori Stanley:

LinkedIn: Lori Stanley



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