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Gaining Control of Your Priorities

Time management is not the issue. Priority management is. When we’re trying to grow our business and hit big goals, a lot of times you feel like there’s just not enough hours in the day, right? But the reality is…it’s not really a time management issue. It’s a priority management issue. Let’s be honest with each other. We prioritize things that we don’t really need to do, but we enjoy doing. And we don’t prioritize the tasks that we really need to do that are going to grow our business because sometimes they’re not always the things that we love to do. But you can gain control of your priorities by utilizing a very simple tool.

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Michelle DeNio is a business strategist with a passion for life and entrepreneurship. She strongly believes that life is meant to be lived fully and that there is WAY MORE to life than sitting behind our computer all day, every day. She has worked in various roles throughout her corporate career, including business operations & development, sales, leadership training, management, time management, and finance.

She uses all of these combined skills and experience to help her clients create a bigger impact on the world and share their beautiful gifts. Her superpower is helping entrepreneurs get unstuck and moving forward with a clear and realistic growth strategy.

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