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Leveraging Affiliates and Masterclasses (Focused Action Coaching: Mallika Malhotra)

In this Focused Action Coaching Session, Malika opens up about the hurdles in her business, particularly the exhaustive process of converting leads through networking, speaking opportunities, and one-on-ones. Host Michelle DeNio offers tailored advice on implementing an action-driven strategy utilizing affiliate programs and maximizing content through masterclasses. As we peel back the layers of Malika’s concerns, we uncover practical solutions aimed at business growth without the cost of your sanity.

Key Points:

  • Recognizing the time-intensive nature of conventional lead conversion methods.
  • The untapped potential of affiliate programs to scale your business effortlessly.
  • The significance of consistent, repeatable masterclasses as a lead nurturing tool.
  • The practicality of formalizing and nurturing relationships with affiliates and strategic partners.

Take Action:

  • Evaluate the possibility of setting up a formal affiliate program for your business.
  • Consider creating a recurring masterclass to consolidate networking efforts and offer consistent value.
  • Reflect on how you can streamline content creation to focus more on depth within your niche.


  • To learn more about brand strategy and to connect with Malika, visit her website: and follow her on Instagram
  • Discover the networking community where Michelle and Malika connected, the Busy People Networking group.
  • Apply for a FREE Focused Action Coaching Session with Michelle


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