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Shaking Up Business as Usual: Why It’s Time to Go Deeper

In this episode, I address the common feeling of the “seven-year itch” in business and how many of us feel the need for a shakeup. I emphasize the importance of moving beyond surface-level conversations and strategies, and really diving deep into what makes a business thrive. I also share my thoughts on changing titles and roles to better reflect the deeper, more impactful work I aim to do. If you’re feeling unsettled or stuck, this episode is for you.

Action Points for Listeners

  • Evaluate Your Business Relationships: Identify where surface-level conversations are holding you back.
  • Define Your Own Rules: Write down what your rules for business and entrepreneurship are.
  • Consider a New Role: Think about how you can reposition yourself to have a deeper impact on your clients.
  • Take Immediate Action: Book a strategic power hour to develop a plan tailored specifically for your needs.

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