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The Top Five Method for Busy Entrepreneurs

In this episode, I’m diving into a quick productivity tip called ‘Top 5’ that is especially helpful during the summer or anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed. We all have those days where our to-do lists seem never-ending and it’s hard to know where to start. This simple and effective strategy helps you get centered and grounded, allowing you to stop the overwhelm in its tracks and stay productive.

Action Points for Listeners:

  1. Each night, review your to-do list and select the top three to five tasks that must be completed the next day.
  2. Be realistic about what you can accomplish, especially if you have a day full of calls or other commitments.
  3. Schedule an hour in your calendar specifically for completing your top five tasks.
  4. If tasks are not completed, move them to the next day’s list without adding new tasks.
  5. Continuously evaluate if you are over-committing to prevent burnout.


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