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Embracing Your Skills as a Small Business Owner

In this episode, my goal is to try and help you as a small business owner, release the shame and guilt often experienced around business ownership and growth. I address the misconception that business owners should inherently possess all the skills necessary to run a successful business.

I explain that while individuals may be highly skilled in their respective crafts – such as graphic design, web design, or law – it is unrealistic to expect them to also be experts in business growth and operations.

Key Points:

1. Embracing the realization that being a skilled professional does not automatically translate to being a business owner.

2. Acknowledging that business-specific skills, such as data analysis, lead generation, and understanding legal requirements, may not align with an individual’s core competencies.

3. Encouraging collaboration with professionals who possess the skills needed for business success.

4. Highlighting the need for continual learning and growth in business-related knowledge, and the value of seeking guidance from experts in those areas.

Take Action:

1. Reflect on and embrace your strengths and expertise as a skilled professional.

2. Identify the areas of business operation where you may need support or additional expertise, and consider seeking collaboration with professionals in those fields.


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