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Rapid Fire Formula

Voxer and text based offers that bring more time, more freedom, & more CASH to your business

This is your step-by-step roadmap to creating your most profitable business offer!

Are you a B2B Service Provider craving more time, freedom, and a scalable business without sacrificing your income?

If you’re finding yourself stuck in the time-for-money exchange, this workshop is just for you!

I totally understand the challenges of wanting (and LOVING) to serve your clients 1:1 while also feeling the pressure of the packed calendar, the Zoom fatigue and feelings of burnout.

I have been there and 2 years ago, I was introduced to a better way to serve and it was not only the best decision for me and my business but it has been transformative for my clients.  Their businesses are doubling and tripling since switching them to this style of support. 

And it’s time for me to share it with you! 

Everything I have learned, tested, and perfected will be shared in this 2 hour workshop and by the end you will everything you need to create your offer!

If you are ready to break free from the time trap and propel your business to new heights – this is your answer!

In this action-oriented workshop, we’ll show you exactly how to implement unlimited support packages (aka Voxer only coaching, back pocket, rapid fire, text only etc) into your business, revolutionizing the way you serve your clients and unlocking the path to recurring revenue. 

Rapid Fire Support for your clients = Unlimited Profit for you

You will walk away from this 2-hour workshop gaining:

Time Freedom

Learn how to scale your business without feeling overwhelmed by hour-long client meetings and Zoom fatigue.

Consistent Income

Add recurring revenue to your bottom line every month that can be scaled infinitely.

No Brainer Offer

Learn how to position your package so your dream clients are immediately saying "HELL YES!!!"

Action Plan

A clear roadmap to seamlessly incorporate unlimited support packages into your offer suite.

Expert Selling Strategies

Master the art of selling this new offer to your clients and communicating its immense value.

Whether you're a consultant, coach, strategist, or any other service provider, this opportunity to scale your business while enhancing your quality of life is not to be missed!

Hi! I'm Michelle

My passion is helping service providers like YOU, scale their business without having to add hours to their calendar or multiple team members!  I believe fully that life is meant to be lived and LOVED and creating a business that supports your dream life is my top priority– this is the business model that is the fastest and most profitable way to do that.  Not only have a I scaled my business with this offer, I have helped a variety of service providers, from a dog trainer to coaches, add thousands of dollars in revenue by implementing this system.


Walk away with your dream packages ready to market to your dream clients!

The Rapid Fire Formula Workshop takes you beyond understanding how to create a package and walks you through step by step to create and be ready to implement this offer immediately! 

In addition to the interactive training – you will receive  

  • Onboarding Packet Templates gives you an onboarding checklist, welcome packet templates, and a tools resource library. Leave fully prepared to market and promote your offers with CONFIDENCE and EXCITEMENT which will help you close sales with ease (you won’t even feel like you’re selling!).
  • Offer Outline Workbook to guide through each step: Packaging, Pricing, Positioning, Dream Client and Marketing 

This workshop would more than pay for itself the first time you sign a dream client to your perfectly positioned offer.

Once you learn the framework, you have an offer structure for every stage of business growth.

You can use it over and over again to create as many different packages as you want and even change your market, messaging, and pricing as you and your brand grow.

You will have lifetime access to this workshop and it will always be there to refer back to as many times as you need over the lifetime of your business!

Create offers that attract your dream clients and align with YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

It's time to stop wishing for a schedule full of dreamy, high-paying clients and make it your reality!

This live 2-hour workshop will be on Zoom but yes – it will be recorded.  Michelle will be answering questions live throughout the workshop though so if possible, attend live. 

If you’re an entrepreneur spending way too much time creating custom proposals after every discovery call, attracting all the wrong clients, undervaluing your services, and worrying about how to fill your schedule, then this program is right for you. If you’re looking for a magic-bullet cure and you’re not ready to put in the work to reach your goals, make great things happen, and change your life—you’re in the wrong place.

Once you learn this framework, it’s there for you to keep using, it infinitely. You’ll have the tools, the package structure, the replay, all the worksheets, and lifetime access to all the training!